When the wine is light, fragrance, heat, intensity
In Salina, in the volcanic archipelago of the Aeolian Island, among the fragrances of the Mediterranean forest and the breath-taking landscapes, the Colosi family cultivates vineyards in evocative terracings overlooking the sea and produces unique wines that tell about lights, wind, sun, color...
The quality of sicilian wines for 4 generations
Since 1987 we have been dealing with the production of the antique wine Malvasia delle Lipari, of the Salina wines and of other wines that are especially selected during harvest period ...
The family is our strenght
Cantine Colosi is a family business that has been operating in the industry of wine since 4 generations. The bottling cellar is in Sicily, in Giammoro (Messina) . The cellar is managed by the enologist ...
A volcanic archipelago, native land of the god of the winds, “Eolo”
the Aeolian archipelago , of volcanic origins, represents a wonderful natural landscape for tourists thanks to the the unique environmental and panoramic features ...


On Salina, island in the volcanic Aeolian archipelago the Colosi family cultivates vineyards on characteristic terraces overlooking the sea and produces unique wines...
Lidia & Piero

Lidia & Piero

With its 10 hectares of vineyards between Capo Faro and Porri, Colosi is one of the most representative producers of the island...
Marianna & Pietro

Marianna & Pietro

We produce exclusively autochthonous wines, typical not only of the Aeolian archipelago but also of the Sicilian area...


Isola di Salina
Colosi's wine-making cellar is literally immersed among the vines, and is partially buried in order to comply with the strict regulations on the protection of the territory...

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