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wines with standing out personality and at the same time with simply approach, our products are the perfect choice for an aperitif , or good to exalt the mediterranean cooking, up to desserts. The careful choice of the grapes ...

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4 generations
30 years of activity
600.000 bottles produced


History, sea and nature

Salina, a little island of the Aeolian, a volcanic archipelagos, wonderful natural landscape, turist attraction for the environmental and panoramic features; the cleanest sea, the shores, the wonderful cloves, the sunsets characterized by warm colors but overall is outstanding for his nectar, Malvasia delle Lipari.

Among the other Islands, Salina is certainly the only one that has better safeguarded and valorized the production of the Malvasia wine. This vineyard was imported in Lipari, according to Diodoro Siculo, by the first greek colonizers during 558 A.D. It is thought that the first Malvasia vine plants...

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